Step By Step

“There’s Something Special About a Real Tree. The Beauty, The Aroma, The Traditions!”
We Have Beautiful Live Christmas Trees and Provide Everything You Need for a Fantastic & Memorable Family Outing



1. Check in at the office and get a hand saw, measuring pole and a RED TREE LIMO ora SILVER TREE WHEELER.





Christmas Tree Field


2. You are now ready to walk to the field and select a tree. Take your time, examine each tree carefully to be sure you choose the right one.Please be sure to cut your tree close to the ground. This way you’ll have a long enough trunk to fit into your tree stand and you will eliminate a tripping hazard.



Ecology 3 Office and Store


3. Put your tree in the tree wagon and bring it back to the barn.  Help yourself to a free hot chocolate and look over our nice selection of fresh wreaths and swags.







4. We’ll place your tree on our tree shaker to remove any loose needles.  Next, we drill a tapered hole in its base to allow you to use a pin tree stand.  Tapered pin tree stands are available for purchase.


Shaking, Baling and Wrapping Free


5. We’ll bale your tree to compress it’s branches for easier transport to
your home.  Shaking, drilling, and baling are all done free of charge.




All Christmas trees are moderately priced per foot.
When you pay, don’t forget to get your free tree disposal bag!